Cyberdyne Records

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Sulphur Aeon — Gateway to the Antisphere (2015)

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\»The low, rough voice chanted a spell:\» Pnglui mglunafh Cthulhu R\’lyeh ugahnagl fhtagn \»\»Holy (so far as this word is suitable in this case) honoring covenants Necronomicon, Sulphur Aeon could not begin recording without paying earnest prayer Ant. Calling upon the Yog-Sothoth, Hastur, and — most certainly — to Cthulhu, and urging them to send […]

\»We do not have to reinvent the wheel\» — this phrase in almost every interview participants Napalm Death, an anticipating the release of their next release. The last fifteen years, the musicians keep their word, without going beyond the scope of your own set up in graydkore and death-metal, periodically letting in the light, it […]

Blind Guardian — Beyond the Red Mirror (2015)

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\»Beyond The Red Mirror\» and \»At the Edge of Time\» in many respects — twin brothers, until the construction of the track list with the epic opening and closing pompous compositions. And all the same, though not widespread, but very solid, weighty symphonic lumbering component, and various combinations of progressive, pauer- and even folk metal […]

Amorphis — Under the Red Cloud (2015)

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\»Under The Red Cloud\», barely reaching the shelves of music stores and personal music library, he has already managed to take a remarkably important role in my musical world. The versatility offered by them stunningly truths — even if it is many of these may seem obvious. It is an ode to human persistence and […]

Rotting Christ — Rituals (2016)

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\»Rituals\» — is quite simple and very capacious: New Album Title leaders of the Greek metal scene Rotting Christ. The Greeks continued the path laid down in 2 of the past his works — \»Kata Ton Daimona Eaytoy\» (2013) and Aealo (2011). As is the case with a couple of previous albums, he has already […]

Mechina — Progenitor (2016)

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\»You know, every year on December 31 my friends and I go to the bath\» — says the well-known to every man the movie Irony of Fate. And we are each the number 1 is not the first year we sit and wait for each hour when the long-awaited album will be released. This time, […]