Mechina — Progenitor (2016)

Mechina — Progenitor (2016)

\»You know, every year on December 31 my friends and I go to the bath\» — says the well-known to every man the movie Irony of Fate. And we are each the number 1 is not the first year we sit and wait for each hour when the long-awaited album will be released. This time, too, did not disappoint, everything went well on schedule. For me, as an ardent fan of the group, not to miss the release and listen to the first, would be tantamount to torture.

What do you want to mention? Compared to clearly lackluster \»Acheron\», released in 2015, is a light at the end of the tunnel. Another single was released just a week before the album hinted that the work will be daunting.

We now consider on the shelves, what kind of a beast \»Progenitor\», and how it differs from previous works.

In this album, we paid great attention to the instrumental part, because it was last year, no. Not a single passage of the track, each of them is a masterpiece. Separately want to mention female vocals, he is like a cherry on a huge piece of Christmas cake: in no way interfere with the overall perception of the space and adds to the atmosphere, which introduces us Mechina. With each song all the drive and increases the beauty of sound for which I so love this team. Do not put into words what you hear, especially in the last track, it is worth once download and listen fully all creation.